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How to Get Popular on 500px

How to get popular on 500px
Jasper Lake at Sunrise

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Ok, I know, I know, before you are even going to read my first paragraph you are probably wondering … why in the world am I giving other people, many who are better in photography than me, advice on how to get popular on 500px? How can someone who isn’t even¬†that¬†popular on 500px give advice to others? If you bear with me for a second, I’ll explain myself.

First off, although I may only have about 11 000 views on all of my pictures, it is only spread out among 12 pictures. That gives around 900 views per picture, which is certainly well above the average photo uploaded on 500px. Every photo of mine uploaded has made the popular chart, and all but two of them have hit the 90 pulse mark, with a few of them hitting 95 and higher, all that without having a lot of followers. So that makes me an above average, but certainly nowhere near top, uploader on 500px, I guess.