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Mesmerizing Multiple Exposures of Montreal’s Metro


The world of multiple exposures is a fascinating one to explore in photography. Indeed, combining two (or more) exposures in a single shot can give mesmerizing results that can seem to be out of this world, and this is the surely the case for these pictures of Montreal’s metro system. Rémi Martel is a French Canadian photographer and artist living in Montreal, and he is the one behind all these photographs. All of his shots were taken using a Nikon D7000 using the integrated multiple exposure mode with a 35mm f/1.8 DX G lens with minimal post-processing.

All images © Rémi Martel. Used with permission.

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Photo Essay : The Underground Metro of Montreal

Montreal Metro
Look in front of you

To my American and global readers : maybe some of you know Montreal for its European flair untypical for a North American city; maybe some of you know Montreal because of the Expo 67, or the Olympics, or even for its poutine (French fries with gravy sauce and cheese), for those of you who have tried it. But behind a seemingly ordinary (or not-so-ordinary) French city in Canada lies one of North America’s most technologically advanced subway systems, the Métro de Montreal (Montreal Metro). No, this isn’t the New York Subway.