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Photoessay : Infrared Street Photography by Steven Sappore

Steven Saphore is an photographer from the Fiji Islands with a passion for infrared photography.

Earlier this year, he and Australian musician Kuya Howler embarked on an ethereal exploration of Queensland’s North Stradbroke Island (known as ‘Minjerribah’ to it’s original inhabitants) with a focus on the eradicated Quandamooka Aboriginal culture through infrared photography and music. Steven, the photographer behind the shots, used a Canon 550D/T2i he modified himself with a 11-16 f/2.8 lens to capture the vivid expression of his musician friend Kuya Howler, as depicted in the shots below.


Acting as a viewing portal to a transcendent plane of reality, infrared photography vividly illustrates the ancient Aboriginal notion of spiritual energy and Dream-time lore in the form of deeply detailed skies and glowing white trees. In conjunction with Kuya’s impeccable ‘sense of place’  expressed through his music, we aim to conjure the atmosphere, feelings and purpose of the original custodians of this small island that was once called ‘Minjerribah’.


Steven Saphore and fellow hacker Nilesh Pawar are also the minds behind the World in Infrared project, a resource dedicated to the growing number of street photography and photojournalism photos shot using infrared techniques.

“Visible light is the name we’ve given to the mere 0.0035% of the electromagnetic spectrum we are able to perceive with our eyes. It encompasses every shade of every sunset, sunrise and season you could possibly see. Using a specially modified DSLR that is able to capture light in the infrared spectrum, we are offered a glimpse into a surreal version of reality that exists beyond the limits of human vision.”

Here’s the rest of the pictures from the set :



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