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How to Meter by Eye (Aka Guessing an Exposure)

Light meter
An old light meter

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One question that I guess asked often is : How to I meter by eye? I’ve got an old film camera that doesn’t have a light meter!

Although light meters are everywhere nowadays in digital cameras, learning to meter by eye is still one of the most useful skills a photographer can learn. Yes, I know that your camera probably has TTL metering with all the fancy algorithms, but many of the world’s “best” cameras do not have one (I’m looking at you guys, Leica and Hasselblad). Not only will you be able to use a Leica M4 with ease, but even if you just own a digital camera, it surely doesn’t hurt to know how to meter by eye.

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Understanding and Mastering Lens Compression


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One of the most misunderstood concepts in photography is the compression effect resulting from various focal lengths. Understanding the mechanics behind it and how it works is an essential thing to do if you are already understand the basics behind exposure, composition and wish to furthermore improve your photography.

First of all, before explaining how to use “lens compression” in various photography cases, let’s define what is and what isn’t focal length compression.