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Technology in 2014
Technology in 2014…

*This only covers 2014 — for all of our new content visit the Start Here page which is constantly updated :)*

After updating the “Start Here” page for newcomers, I thought it would be best to show it to you regular readers too; 2014 is 10 days away from ending, and here are some of our best articles this year. One or two more articles to come before 2015!

Articles without links are those who are in construction; they should come out soon, although I don’t have any specific deadlines.

The Basics
Beginner’s Guide to Photography (in progress, promised!!!)
Rule of Thirds / Golden Ratio
Guide to DSLR Video
The Advanced
RAW vs Jpeg : A Visual Comparison Using Real-World Examples (Part I, Part II, Part III) (29 Aug 2014)
Cineflat : A Nikon Flat Picture Control for Videography  (24 Aug 2014)
The How-To’s
How to Meter by Eye (13 Dec 2014)
How to Get Popular on 500px (14 Jul 2014) 
How to Shoot Star Trails (03 Sep 2014)
How to Shoot Travel Photography (12 ways) (02 Aug 2014)
How to Shoot Motion Flash Street Photography (07 Aug 2014)
How to Shoot Motion Panning (29 Jul 2014)
Advanced Photography Techniques How-To's

How to Meter by Eye (Aka Guessing an Exposure)

Light meter
An old light meter

Check out all of our other how-to guides here.

One question that I guess asked often is : How to I meter by eye? I’ve got an old film camera that doesn’t have a light meter!

Although light meters are everywhere nowadays in digital cameras, learning to meter by eye is still one of the most useful skills a photographer can learn. Yes, I know that your camera probably has TTL metering with all the fancy algorithms, but many of the world’s “best” cameras do not have one (I’m looking at you guys, Leica and Hasselblad). Not only will you be able to use a Leica M4 with ease, but even if you just own a digital camera, it surely doesn’t hurt to know how to meter by eye.

Essays and Opinion

The Photograph IO Hiatus

Dear Photograph IO readers,

The past few months have been extremely busy for me. Hold on.

I started this blog during my spare time this summer, and I never expected for it to grow so quick nor it to be so time-consuming; I never expected to have nearly 50 000 visitors during that downtime, yet those visitors are nearly all due to search engine traffic. While I was studying, you readers were being disappointed for the lack of content. I deeply apologize for this near 3 month hiatus during which no content whatsoever came on the blog. Sorry guys.

Does it mean that I will start again to write daily on Photograph IO? Probably not. But I will at least make the effort to contribute weekly to this blog. Maybe more of personal thoughts, and less of tutorials/how-to’s. And this is the first article.

Searching for what? Prague, Czech Republic