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Photography Tips and Tricks #1: Use Auto ISO for Better Results

Manhattan at Night

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There used to be a time where people had to shoot with tripods during daytime, when ISO 50, 25 or even below were common values for film speeds. But of course, digital changed everything. You no longer had to change a whole roll of film to change your film speed (aka ISO sensitivity), since the sensor itself could adjust its sensitivity all by itself.

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How to Shoot Motion Panning


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A way to improve your photography is by mastering panning, a form of art which distinguishes itself in more ways than you could imagine. If done correctly you can produce awe-inspiring and grandiose images which will bring up your skill level significantly. Pictures taken with this technique embody speed and motion and helps to put emphasis on the main subject in your frame.

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Photo Essay : New York Flashbulb Street Photography

New York City
Bike at night

Some may call it agressive, in the face, street photography, but when you’re in a city that is equally aggressive in using its lights to shine its nightscape, I think “flashbulb street photography” is well suited for the nightscapes of NYC. Obviously, a flash and slow shutter speed are necessary to achieve that look, but a detailed article on how to achieve this effect is coming soon (in fact, it is already scheduled for posting). Keep tuned to Photograph IO via Facebook and Twitter for the latest details! 


Wei Xi Luo? No, A New Guy

That's me
“Skiing combines outdoor fun with knocking down trees with your face…”

“Hey look, a new guy! What is he doing here?”

Hey guys, my name is Zhiding Chen and I am an amateur photographer who got introduced into this beautiful art 2 years ago by my friend Wei Xi Luo. We’ve known each other for more than 10 years, that is, since I was 6 years old (I’m 16 now). I live in Montreal, Canada, and I love to ski on the snowy mountains in Quebec with Wei Xi, hence this awesome photo taken by him on Mount Bromont. But now you may be wondering:

“Why is he posting as Peter Chen then?”

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On the Meaning of Photography, and Digital Processing


Ever since I took up photography a bit more seriously, the issue of digital processing and manipulation keeps popping up more and more often. And strangely, most of the time, the people that bring it up have nothing to do with photography and have little knowledge of the subject. Most of those times, I don’t even bother to counter-argue, but during the last month I’ve been forced to defend my views quite a few times, so I decided to sit down, put my thoughts into an order and try to document and communicate them with you, in an attempt to be heard and understood.

Editor’s note : This is a syndicated article by Fotis Athanasopoulos that originally appeared on his blog Through the Looking Glass. It is used here with permission.

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On Copyright Infringements, and Lost Respect

One of the photos that got ‘stolen’, as the saying goes

I came to a decision after quite a bit of thinking. As I announced on the last post, I decided to share my photos exclusively from this blog from now on. I’ll try to explain the reasons behind it on this post, but I touch on a huge subject (that of copyright and fair use) that has many approaches and it can lead to a very lengthy discussion, so I’ll just explain what happened and simlpy express my personal opinion afterwards, and leave it at that.

Editor’s note : This is a syndicated article by Fotis Athanasopoulos that originally appeared on his blog  Through the Looking Glass. It is used here with permission. 

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Follow-Up on Your Kit Lens is an Excellent Lens

Seattle Skyline
Taken with a kit lens.

The Internet is truly amazing. Not even a day after writing an article on why your kit lens is an excellent lens, the article made the front page of Reddit photography and got over 10 000 views and counting overnight and nearly crashed my shared hosting server with that massive amount of bandwidth, haha. But apart from the views, I’ve also seen quite a few interesting comments and questions (both good and bad) over at Reddit and I thought I might give my take on a few of them.

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Your Kit Lens is an Excellent Lens

The Nikon 18-55mm VR

As the saying goes, quality lenses are a lot more important than good bodies when it comes to investing in camera gear. They last longer, retain their value more, and have more utility overall than, say, buying the latest DSLR that will become obsolete in 3 to 5 years. But if you are into photography for the first time, you’ll likely buy an entry level camera that comes bundled with an inferior, even crappy, kit lens. Or is it? Do you really need quality gear to take good pictures? Spend thousands of dollars on red/golden rings lenses?

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Photo Essay : The Underground Metro of Montreal

Montreal Metro
Look in front of you

To my American and global readers : maybe some of you know Montreal for its European flair untypical for a North American city; maybe some of you know Montreal because of the Expo 67, or the Olympics, or even for its poutine (French fries with gravy sauce and cheese), for those of you who have tried it. But behind a seemingly ordinary (or not-so-ordinary) French city in Canada lies one of North America’s most technologically advanced subway systems, the Métro de Montreal (Montreal Metro). No, this isn’t the New York Subway.


Canon vs Nikon : The Rivalry (Infographic)


Some of my friends and fellow photographers over at Flickr have asked me what is my take on the great Canon vs Nikon debate. Instead of writing a standard post, I thought it would be a great idea to share it under the form of an infographic. Although I currently use a Fuji X-Pro1 and a Nikon D5100 as my main bodies, I respect Canon just as much and have used their excellent gear in the past, and I (hopefully) have made the following infographic the most neutral and impartial possible, analyzing with facts and data.